blue murder 1
Blue Murder

Blue Murder specialise in events to die for, from murder mystery games to hens nights with a twist. Many games are available to purchase and download online using SwipeStripe.
By LCS Web Design

upstream salmon
Upstream Salmon

We're stoked that Max chose SwipeStripe for this e-commerce project, the site looks great!
by Quamm


Zireg offer quality high end swimming pool, spa and water treatment plant solutions in Switzerland with a SwipeStripe online shopping solution.
By Visionaer

aronui wines
Aronui Wines

Award winning winemakers Tohu use SwipeStripe to drive the ecommerce component of their site selling a range of excellent wines across the country.
By Flavour

lustre gallery
Lustre Gallery

Lustre Gallery offers original art and jewellery from Nelson, New Zealand using SwipeStripe and SilverStripe.

umami go resized
Umami Go

Umami Go is a high end catering company in Copenhagen. This polished website is delivered in Danish and includes integration with Danish payment gateway Quickpay.
By Joel Grøndrup

farbox web design

Brisbane based Brand-ignite have been developing the best illuminated signage solutions for branding your company. The technology is called Acrylic GEL letters.
By Farbox Web Design

spadeoak vineyard
Spade Oak Vineyard

Treat yourself to a selection of Spade Oak Vineyard's finest hand crafted wines, now for sale online.
By Dodat

detour clothing queenstown
Detour Clothing

Growing Queenstown fashion vendor Detour has expanded their online presence with the use of SwipeStripe.
By Dodat

affordable homes
Affordable Motor Homes

Affordable motor homes needed a simple booking system with highly customised checkout process for booking motor homes.
By Plato Design

Hindle Controls and Cables

We're pleased that Squashed Pixel chose SwipeStripe to add ecommerce functionality to Hindle Controls and Cables.
By Squashed Pixel


Bojak required multiple currency support and coupons to drive international sales for their line of mobile computing accessories.
By Plato Design


Kaituna uses SwipeStripe to sell their prestigious line of rugs online.
By Plato Design

serious skin
Serious Skin

A simple and elegant website selling beauty products and treatments.
By Vitesse Web Design

bee bio
Bee Bio

Bee Bio wanted a quick and simple shopping cart for the launch of their anti-aging skin care.
By Plato Design

learning staircase
Learning Staircase

SwipeStripe is proud to be used on Learning Staircase - a site dedicated to childrens education.
By Plato Design


ShowQuip needed a new online presence and SwipeStripe slotted into the redesign easily giving ShowQuip the bonus and full functionality of an online cart.
By J Design

random cool stuff
Random Cool Stuff

Random cool stuff says it all but we are especially fond of the doggy doo bags. 
By Justin Wadell

evans butchery
Evans Butchery

Evans uses SwipeStripe to manage a wide variety of meat products and provide an easy to use online cart for their customers.
By Dodat

ChCh football club
Christchurch Football Club

SwipeStripe is proud to be used by one of the first established football clubs in the world.
By Plato Design

smokeking supplies
Smoke King Supplies

Smoke King Supplies stocks a wide range of products that are well presented and organsied with the help of SwipeStripe.
By Deep Designr

Andreas Florist
Andreas Florist

Andreas Florist had some special requirements for selecting preferred colour combinations that Plato Design built into SwipeStripe quickly and easily.
By Plato Design

billy tree
Billy In The Tree

Billy in the Tree required weight based shipping that used a complex matrix of rates for countries and continents with country rates taking precedence.
By E-Scape

PBI Height Safety
PBI Height Safety

Another sharp SilverStripe ecommerce site from Plato Design, using the DataObjectManager Connector extension to add related products functionality easily to the CMS.
By Plato Design

kudos ecommerce
Kudos Hairdressers

Kudos Hairdressers wanted to add a product catalogue that was simple to manage from the SilverStripe CMS and SwipeStripe installed quickly and easily.
By Plato Design

aqua vita
Aqua Vita

Aqua Vita uses SwipeStripe to manage products with color filters and a 'Whats New' page to display latest products.
By Frank
NZ Shred

We are proud that New Zealands first snowboard retailer chose SwipeStripe to drive their online store with over 1000 products and almost 100 product categories.
By Kelp Design
Rad Dad

Selling a wide variety of childrens wear, SwipeStripe was easy to adapt to the particular design components of this design.
by Frank

SwipeStripe was used as a product catalogue for this site, allowing Plato Design to enable a shopping cart easily at a later stage. Manages multiple nested categories.
By Plato Design

Plato design chose SwipeStripe over other ecommerce platforms for the redesign of this site.
By Plato Design

licence to ride
Licence To Ride

Single product site, SwipeStripe was the perfect solution to get up and running quickly.
By Dodat


This site uses SwipeStripe of course :-)
by Frank

chill shop
Chill Shop

Chill chose SwipeStripe as a simple solution to manage their multiple products, product sizes and categories.
By Dodat.