SilverStripe 3 Ecommerce Made Easy

A simple, flexible e-commerce module for SilverStripe 3. Transform any SilverStripe 3 site into a fully customized online store using the SilverStripe skills you already have.

Fully Customizable

I've worked hard to make SwipeStripe easy to customize and flexible enough to meet the demands of your clients' changing needs.

Light Weight

SwipeStripe aims to be as light weight as possible whilst still delivering the full functionality of an online shopping cart.

Easy To Use

Managing orders, products and customers is easy and accessible from the CMS. It's easy to use and easy to learn!

Easy Installation

Installing SwipeStripe doesn't take long and it's easy to configure. Leaving you more time to drink beer.

Search Engine Optimized

It's important for online shops to achieve good results in the search engines and I've designed SwipeStripe with search engine optimization in mind.

Thoroughly Tested

Almost 60 unit tests are included so that you can be sure that everything is working correctly.

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"Simple to customise and easy to manage. The e-commerce platform that SilverStripe needed."

Tim Klein

Web Developer


Go international! Add support for multiple currencies and increase sales.


Create product categories to organise your products easily and help customers browser your store.

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learning staircase
Learning Staircase

SwipeStripe is proud to be used on Learning Staircase - a site dedicated to childrens education.
By Plato Design

umami go resized
Umami Go

Umami Go is a high end catering company in Copenhagen. This polished website is delivered in Danish and includes integration with Danish payment gateway Quickpay.
By Joel Grøndrup

Plato design chose SwipeStripe over other ecommerce platforms for the redesign of this site.
By Plato Design